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This tour is meant for birders who are in good physical health and can walk in high altitude area. The treks and walks are moderate in nature. The bird species are special trans-Himalayan species while a lot of them are Palearctic. The scenery is spectacular. The area around the Indus river is green and the rest is a cold desert. Ladakh is also known for its Monasteries. The monasteries of Ladakh are what give the region its unique flavor and beauty. Typically, most gompas are built so that they perch precariously on lone rocks or craggy mountain-faces. In this tour we encourage traditional village based homestays, where you can see the traditional way of life and sample ladakhi food. Please ask for a detailed itinerary for viewing different bird species in LEH, LADAKH.

Many species of finches, robins, redstarts (like the Black Redstart) and the Hoopoe are common in summer. The Brown-headed Gull is seen in summer on the river Indus, and on some lakes of the Changthang. Resident water-birds include the Brahminy duck also known as the Ruddy Sheldrake, and the Bar-headed Goose (Ladakhi: ngangpa). The Black-necked Crane (trhung-trhung) is a rare species found scattered in the Tibetan plateau, and is also found nesting in summer in parts of Ladakh. Other birds include the Raven, Red-billed Chough (chungka), Tibetan Snowcock andChukar (a partridge, srakpa). The Lammergeier and the Golden Eagle are common raptors here.

  • Black Necked Crane
  • Black Necked Crane
  • Black Necked Crane
  • Brown headed Gull seen at Pangong Lake
  • Brahminy Duck
  • Black-Billed Magpie